June 4 Denali Team Moves to High Camp

Nawal Sfendl called in another post in French, this one from High Camp on the West Buttress! Camp is located at 17,200 feet (5242 m), with stunning views of the ridge the team climbed to get to their airy perch.

Our French language skills are limited, but It sounds like the team did well and that they were enjoying the incredible views. Word from Chris Trullaz, the Lead Guide for the team was that everyone did well, and they arrived at High Camp tired, but that everyone was in good spirits.

It’s a hard day moving up from Camp 3 to High Camp. They hiked and climbed up 370 m of moderate snow to the base of the Headwall. 200 m of steep snow climbing got the team to the spectacular ridge that they climbed for another 300 meters to camp. The ridge involves navigating along knife edged ridge lines, weaving in and around rocky crags, and keeping your cool as you look off to the side at the thousand foot drops. It’s the most fun part of the route for most climbers!!

If anyone can provide a comment that helps us translate Nawal’s dispatch, we;’d really appreciate it!


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  1. Nawal was informing that the team was doing well, the last step was technical but everyone did well and are in good spirit. She also informed that the team was attempting to reach the summit the following day.

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