June 3 Team – In Talkeetna, Hoping for Good Weather

I just spoke with lead guide Peter “Pi” Inglis about the team, and they are all exploring Talkeetna, having completed their NPS orientation and weighed all their bags for their upcoming flight to the glacier.  The weather is looking pretty uncooperative at the moment, so they are wandering around town, with a planned meeting to take place right about now, to reassess the weather.

They sent some photos from their team meeting and gear check in Anchorage, after which they rigged their packs for glacier travel and set themselves up with appropriately sized prussik cords (loops of rope that can be affixed to a climbing rope in such a way as to create sufficient friction to old somebody).  This morning they loaded up in the trusty Mountain Trip van and drove the 2 hours north to Talkeetna.

Here are some photos of the group.  Please help me out by commenting on who is who, as Alexandra is the only person I can easily identify.  Jacques has been with us before, so we know him, but the rest of the team I have not met, so please post a comment with some identifiable characteristics.  (Pi told me he was the good looking guy, which doesn’t help that much!)

Alexandra, checking her equipment

Bill Dwyer helping rig a pack for glacier travel

Peter Inglis, obviously having a "teachable moment," with Alexandra

Pre-trip rigging

The team in Talkeetna!

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