June 2nd Team Caches at 10,200′

The team was able to put in their first cache at 10,200′ (3108m). Caching is a great system that is indicative of an expedition style of climbing. Teams will pick supplies; gear, food, fuel, etc. that are not needed for a few days and climb to a point between the camp they currently reside at and the one they will move to next. Here they dig a meter deep hole, pile in their supplies, and bury it with a mound of snow. They will mark it with a GPS point and a 6 foot bamboo wand which bears their team tag. Today the team will move up to Camp 2, and tomorrow they will return to 10,200′ (3108m) to retrieve their cache. This method of “climb high, sleep low” gives teams a better chance to acclimate and also lightens their 110lb loads quite a bit, making the climb a bit easier.

A 2021 team leaving Camp 1

Here’s the update!


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