June 28 team working hard, but turned around

Our team is giving it their best shot, but were turned around on their way to high camp today due to high winds.  They ascended out of the 14,200 ft basin to the headwall (15,400ft-16,200 ft) where they clipped into fixed ropes that lead to the ridge.  They followed the ridge up to about 16,500 ft, only 700 vertical feet short of high camp before they were turned around by high winds and deteriorating conditions.   They are descending back to the 14,200 ft camp this evening, and are going to have a long night before they are settled back in to Camp 3.   It was a tough day physically and mentally for the team, but they are giving it their best shot, you can’t summit if you don’t try.

We don’t expect to hear another call from these guys tonight, they’ll be pretty tired when they get back down, and they still have camp to set up.  Our team at high camp is in contact with them on the radio, so we’re keeping track of their progress.

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