June 26th Team Flying To Base Camp

The team is off to a good start and flew into base camp on schedule today.  Several teams have been waiting in Talkeetna for 2-3 days for the weather to clear and allow flights to base camp, so our team got lucky.   It was a big day, they met early this morning in Anchorage and hopped in the Mountain Trip van with a trailer full of climbing gear for the 2 hr drive up to Talkeetna.  In Talkeetna they checked in at the ranger station, and then it was over to the airstrip to weigh all of the gear and wait their turn for a flight to the glacier.  The flight into the Alaska Range from Talkeetna is beautiful, and takes the climbers from the warm forested lowlands and lands them in the land of ice and snow at base camp.

Here’s a team photo in Talkeetna pre-flight.

June 26th Denali Team

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