June 24 Team – Tough Decisions…

The June 24th team is sitting tight at the big basin camp at 14,200′.  They are on day 18 of their expedition and are discussing some very tough choices that are before them.

They really need to head up soon, or they will run up against the projected “end date” of their trip.  Some of the team have schedules that are fairly inflexible, and as so many of us have learned, life does not just stop while we are on a mountain somewhere.  The group is discussing their options for continuing.  If they decide to stick it out, they will have to break trail up to the fixed lines in snow that is about chest deep.  There are no teams at high camp at present, so there won’t be anyone coming down to help with this effort.

We are waiting to hear what they decide, and we all hope that the currently poor weather breaks so that they can head up and have a shot at the summit.

We’ll keep you posted…


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