June 24 Team – Doing The Talkeetna Hang!

The team drove up to Talkeetna yesterday and attended an orientation p[resented by the National Park Service about climbing Denali.  They wandered over to the airstrip to finish arranging their mountain of baggage at the shop of Talkeetna Air Taxi, and finally, feeling completely ready to fly… they proceeded to wait.  Weather at Base Camp is pretty tough right now, and no planes are flying.  We call this the “hurry up and wait” program.  In Talkeetna, it is known as The Talkeetna Hang.

The weather doesn’t look great for a few days, so the team will do their best to keep themselves occupied, all the while, staying ready to move at a moment’s notice, should they receive the call that planes are launching.  Fortunately, there are some good restaurants in Talkeetna, and the team can spend time working on skills that they will need to employ once they are on the glacier, as well as visit the local museum and other hot spots.

We’ll keep you posted!

The team, gathered in front of the NPS office in Talkeetna, Alaska

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