June 23rd Team – Final Trip Dispatch From Caitlin

What a trip! It started rough with heinous trail breaking in thigh deep snow with heavy sleds tipping over every 10 minutes. But we put in our dues and got a week of warm sunny high pressure that allowed us to move to 14k and then put a cache in at the base of Washburn’s thumb, as well as plenty of tanning time.

The move to 17k was followed by horrendous weather that had us pinned down in our tents by high winds and blowing snow for five days. Unfortunately, we did not get a summit window but did get the pleasure of again breaking trail, this time down the mountain!

Thank you to all the climbers for being so hilarious and having the best attitudes throughout the climb. I have never seen a group of strangers come together and work as a team like this crew did. There were many outrageous moments that I will never forget and I hope to have the privilege of climbing with you all again. So fun and so tan!

-Caitlin Hague, Girdwood, AK

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  1. Glad to hear you are all back safe!! Whilst you were uanbel to summit – what you all went through sounds amazing!! As they say Horses for courses!! Love and hugs to David Bull, so looking forward to seeing you on your return and to hearing all the stories as only you can tell them.

    Mum xxx

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