June 22 Team Moves to Camp 3

Our crew has made it into Camp 3 at 14,200′ (4328m). Tackling first Motorcycle Hill, followed by Squirrel Hill and Windy Corner, they found themselves in Genet Basin where Camp 3 lies. The backdrop of the basin is dramatic and inspiring. Behind camp, the Headwall rises up to meet the ridge at 16,200′ (4937m). The ridge climbs and climbs until it reaches the summit, passing out of view. From about 17,000′ (5181m) and a little higher, the ridge touches the iconic Denali ski lines as they drop over 3,000′ (914m) back into camp, snaking their way down steep, frozen slopes in-between granite gullies known as couloirs.

Here, many teams will congregate as they rest up and wait for their weather window to move into High Camp. It provides a social and exciting atmosphere as teams from all over the world and various walks of life mingle with each other. From their tents, they can look out and watch the clouds roll over Mount Foraker (Sultana), the second highest peak in The Range. They will rest up and keep an eye on the weather as they prepare for their next move; High Camp.

Camp 3

Here’s Josh:


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  1. Oh, the self-control- those chocolates wouldn’t have made it a day in my hands 😉 Stay strong everyone!! Love you Karty and Kevin!

  2. Great progress! Hope weather continues to cooperate. You each bring such strengths, the team brings success.

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