June 21 “Team Brazil” Takes a Rest Day at Camp 3

After bringing all of their supplies up to Camp 3 (14,200′ 4328m) from Windy Corner (13,200′ 4023m) the day before yesterday, the team took the opportunity to catch up on some well deserved R&R. This included a little field trip from camp to the Edge of the World, where Genet Basin drops an unbelievable 6,000′ (1828m) down to the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier, providing some fantastic views and photo opportunities. From here, climbers can really take in the whole of Mount Foraker (or originally known as Mount Sultana, Denali’s wife). Tom reports the that they also enjoyed fueling up on some of our especially delicious guide catered meals. Team stoke is high, and the team should be using today to brush up on some technical skills.

Here’s Tom:


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