June 21 “Team Brazil” Backcarries to Windy Corner

Yesterday Team Brazil descended from Camp 3 at 14,200′ (4328m) to their Windy Corner cache located just before Windy Corner, in a flatter section of the glacier at 13,200′ (3413m). After digging up the supplies they buried there a few days ago, they packed everything up and returned to Camp 3. The took a trip to the Edge of the World, where Genet Basin drops a dramatic 6,000′ (1828m) to the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier below. Offering an incredible view of Mount Foraker (Sultana) from top to bottom. They used some of the rest of their time to practice technical skills that they will be needing as they continue up the mountain.

The Edge of the World

Here’s Decio! I have no idea what he is saying, as sadly I know no Portuguese! If anyone would like to translate these calls for us, we would be so appreciative, comment below! Thanks!


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  1. Go Team Brazil! So good to hear from you guys!
    Decio’s audio translated is more or less like this:

    “Hello family of DVG Expeditions, families of Gutavo, Ian, Murilo and my dear family. We are all good here ate camp 3 of Denali . Everyone is fine, Thanks God! The climb is very powerful, is hard but also so grateful. The team crew are amazing, we are very well guided and protected! God always in charge! Stay calm because if is possible we will get there! May god bless us all and everyone here is sending kisses.

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