June 20 Team Takes a Rest Day at Camp 3

Our crew here enjoyed a well deserved rest day at 14,200′ (4328m). They took a little trip to the Edge of the World. A gorgeous and dramatic viewpoint, where Genet Basin drops an astonishing 6,000′ (1828m) (although Jason said 3,000′ on his call, we believe it is at least 6,000′) to the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier below. Offering an incredible view of Mount Foraker (Mount Foraker’s original name was Mount Sultana; meaning Denali’s wife) from top to bottom. Mount Sultana is the second highest peak in the Alaska Range, at 17,400′ (5303m). They used their rest day to go over some technical skills as well, such as using an ascender and running protection. Skills they will be needing as they continue to progress up the mountain.

The Edge of the World

Here’s Jason:


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