June 20 Team Moves to High Camp!

It’s not an easy day, moving from 14,200′ (4328m) to 17,200′ (5242m). But it sounds like our crew here did an excellent job and found themselves some nice conditions and low traffic. Yesterday the team left camp and first climbed up a somewhat steep slope known fondly as the Bunny Hill. After about 1,000′ of elevation gain, they arrived at the bergshrund below the fixed lines. A bergshrund is where a glacier meets especially steep snow and ice, and a very long and very large crevasse forms. Here, each climber attached their ascender to the fixed lines, and they spent a couple hours moving up from about 15,000′ (4572m) or so to the ridge at 16,200′ (4937m). They climbed up the ridge another 1,000′ and found themselves in High Camp. The food gets a bit less luxurious up at these elevations. But the team is excited to be in a ready position, waiting for their summit bid window.

An early season 2022 team on the fixed lines

Here’s Jason:


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