June 20 Denali Team Moves To Camp 1

Andrew Alexander King rang via satellite phone from 7,800 feet on the Kahiltna Glacier. The team departed early in the morning from their Base Camp at 7,200′ on a tributary glacier known as the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna.

Their day began by hiking downhill, pulling heavy sleds and managing hefty backpacks as they SE Fork dropped a mile to meet the main body of the 40-mile long Kahiltna. They turned north and then climbed about a thousand feet of elevation over four miles to a spot just below a long, moderately steep section of glacier. The glacial ice is more compact at this spot, so there is less hazard from crevasses or cracks in the ice. They set up camp in a spot where they have stunning views of their objective, looking almost 13,000 feet up to Denali’s summit.

Here’s Andrew!


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