June 2 Team Moves to Camp 2

Lead guide Ty called in last night from Camp 2 at 11,200′ (3413m). Yesterday the team packed up personal gear, tents, cookware, etc. and started their day by climbing 1,200′ (365m) up Ski Hill. After topping out on Ski Hill the team experienced rolling terrain as they approached their cache site at 10,200′ (3108m) from the day before. Here, the route jogs to climbers right and continues to climb up into a small basin where Camp 2 resides. It’s only about 2.75 miles but climbs 3,200′ (975m) in that short span. Camp 2 lies at the base of some astounding seracs (large usually column like blocks of ice that form on steep parts of a glacier) and steep granite faces. The team got to bed early last night so they could descend back to their cache site today in the cool of the morning. After returning to camp, the team finished their active rest day with some snacks, some naps, and probably some skills practice as well as they prepare to climb some steeper terrain leaving Camp 2. Skills practice for this part of the expedition would include crampon and ice ax familiarization.

Camp 2

Here’s Ty!


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