June 2 Team Moves to Camp 1

One of our guides, Ackerman, updates us from Camp 1 last night! The team woke up bright and early at 2am in the twilight of the morning and left camp a few hours later as the sun began its early northern sunrise. Sounds like it took the team less than 5 hours to travel the 5.5 miles and 1,000′ of elevation gain to Camp 1. Leaving camp is no small task. The team woke up and got water melting, coffee brewing, and breakfast cooking. In the meantime, those not in the cook tent were packing up their gear and the tents. All of these items are packed strategically in packsacks and sleds. Everyone ties into their rope teams and then the team is finally ready to take off. Leaving Camp 1 the team first descended 600′ down Heartbreak Hill (upon their return it will be the last hill they have to climb before they can fly off of the glacier). Basecamp is located on the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier. Like a tributary flowing to a river, the southeast fork flows downhill to meet the main body of the Kahiltna Glacier. A 40 mile long frozen river.

At this time of year, teams will travel at night mainly because the glacier will be frozen and solid. Which means snow bridges spanning crevasses will be more stable. But it also more comfortable to travel at this time of day. Even though the team is traveling on snow, these elevations see temps reaching the freezing point, which feel wicked hot on a clear calm day with a bright sun. Now the team can sleep during the daylight hours before getting ready for their next move.

The team was able to get us a photo before they flew in, here they are!


Here’s Ackerman:


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