June 19th West Buttress Wrap Up from Jacob

Hello everyone and thank you for following our expedition. First of all I wanted to say thank you to all of the members of our expedition. This was a group that worked very hard together as a team. Although we did have some weather days in town before we flew out and at 11,200’camp we were able to move steadily up the mountain and take advantage of the weather window that let us summit. What a great summit day!  We started off in uncertain weather and deep snow.  After a few hours it cleared up and we were rewarded with a relatively calm, warm summit day.
An amazing place to spend the 4th of July!
On the way down we passed many teams moving to high camp that have been on the mountain as long as us or longer. This just goes to show you that with great team work and the willingness to “try” to move we were able to summit and return to our loved ones in a timely fashion. As I write this most of the teams that were moving up the mountain with us are still trying to make it back to the airstrip…

Thank you Denali, for a great expedition.
This is not a mountain to be taken lightly but the rewards of being on a trip like this is wonderful!
I like to say, If it was easy everyone would do it…
Once again, a big thank you to my team mates.
It’s a small world, and I hope to see you in the mountains again one day.
Jacob Schmitz

Lead Guide,  Mountain Trip

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