June 19 Team flying to base camp

The team spent the night in Talkeetna last night, but were able to fly in to base camp this morning.  The weather was beautiful up at base camp this morning, clear skies and views of the mountain looming above.

They took a final picture before hopping in the ski planes to go to base camp.

Here's the team before they hopped in the plane and headed for base camp

Everyone was excited to be underway and get on the glacier today.  They’ll spend today reviewing a bit of glacier travel skills before setting off for Camp 1 early tomorrow morning.

The guides will wake the team up early tomorrow to travel on the lower Kahiltna glacier during the coldest part of the night and early morning.  They are hoping the snow surface will freeze solidly so they can walk on a firm surface, and not punch thru into soft slushy snow.

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