June 18 Team Final Trip Report

From lead guide Jesse Wright:

Our Expedition has come to an end. The whole team is back on solid ground enjoying the lower altitude where we can all get some much-needed rest and recovery time. Thank you to all of you that followed us on our expedition and we can’t thank you enough for all the support. It was a challenging season with lots of bad weather and hard decision making. We pushed through some of the harshest conditions I have dealt with on this mountain and the whole team did such an amazing job. Everyone was strong willed and motivated to keep moving in order to get a chance at the summit.

We did our best out there and were able to get the whole team to high camp, but the weather window we were hoping for never presented itself and we were forced to head down due to incoming high winds. Mountaineering is challenging both mentally and physically but in the end the mountain has the final say on if you succeed or not. We all want the summit, that’s why we climb, but we learn so much more about ourselves from our failures than our successes. It’s a hard lesson but in the end the team became a family unit and got to enjoy each other’s company in one of the most beautiful places and we all made it down safely. Thank you again to Casey, Beck, Simon, Constance and Hugo as well as my guide team Tom and Mija for the months of preparation working up to this trip as well as all the hard work on the mountain this season. You are all talented individuals and I had such an amazing time getting to know each and every one of you. The mountain isn’t going anywhere so I hope to see everyone back on the mountain in the coming years.

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