June 17 WISSEMU Indonesian Team Summits!!!!

june 17 2017 team denali summit

Congratulations to our friends from Indonesia!

Mathilda Dwi Lestari, Fransiska Dimitri and Jimmy Turnakaka reached the top of North America, when they climbed onto the 20,310 foot (6190 m) summit of Denali last night.  Accompanied by Mountain Trip guides Josh Garner, Kristin Arnold and J. Ricardo (Kakiko) Ramos-Leon, the team climbed from the 17,200 foot (5242 m) High Camp on a clear day to reach the top.

It was a long day, but the team had great views and made it down to High Camp in a Alaska twilight.

Well done everyone!!!

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  1. Congragulation….Great news forr Indonesian people…especialy for families of these young girls….

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