June 17 Team – Carried to 10,000′

Lead Guide Caitlin Hague called in from the 7,800′ camp on the Kahiltna Glacier.  Early this morning the team awoke, ate breakfast and carried roughly half their supplies up the glacier about 3.5 miles to an elevation of about 10,200′.  They dug a deep hole in the snow and buried their supplies, so as to (hopefully!!) protect their food from the energetic ravens that have been known to dig down a meter for yummy climber meals!

After carefully marking their cache, they dropped back down to camp for the day.  This is a proven system called carrying high and sleeping low.  It allows the climbers to ease their bodies into the thinner air of higher elevations, while also making it possible to carry all the food, fuel and supplies necessary for a three week trip, without crushing their backs.

It was HOT today, and they spent the day hiding from the intense sun.

Here’s Caitlin!

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