June 15th Team – Holding Tight at High Camp, Waiting…

The team had hoped to descend down the ridge to 14,200′, but a windy, snowy storm settled on high camp before they could start to head down the mountain.  They decided that there is no reason to push things, so they settled back into their tents and are waiting for the weather to improve.

They have plenty of food and fuel, and while they would very much like to be headed out to pizzas, steaks, salads and pints of cold beverages, all of that will still be waiting when they get down.  We have other teams at various points on the mountain, providing the team with up-to-the-minute reports on conditions at lower elevations.  As soon as conditions permit, they will begin their descent of the mountain.  It can take two or more days to make it back to base camp, and there is no rush- prudence and conservative decision making are the order of the day.

More soon…

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