June 15th West Buttress Team Is At High Camp

Mountain Trip guide Nick Nason called in on behalf of the June 15th Denali team.  They made the big push up a stunning ridge to arrive at 17,200′ today.  The morning started with another ascent of the fixed lines, clipping in with their ascenders to gain added security on the 40-45 degree slope.  The ridge leading the final 1000′ to High Camp is exciting, with big exposure as you climb along its crest.

The crew spent some time fortifying camp, by cutting blocks of snow from the frozen surface and stacking them to build walls around their tents.  High Camp is somewhat protected, but at times the wind can be brutal, so it pays to plan for the worst, by building a solid camp.

Beginning tomorrow, they will awaken each morning with the plan of heading to the summit.  Winds and visibility are the biggest weather factors for summit day, but the team has plenty of time.

Here’s Nick!

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  1. So great to hear of your team’s progress. Listening for the updates and prefer these to the World Cup news – even though they are short, they are far more exciting! We hope to hear that you have made the summit and that you will celebrate at the top with cheers and hugs for all! Best to you, Carola. From Carol and John in New York.

  2. Denise Kiley

    Excellent progress and we are excited for you all! Hope to see some summit pics and news soon.

  3. David Nason

    Thanks for all the updates! Hope all goes well and looking forward to hearing all about your trip!

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