June 13 West Buttress Team – Meet the Team!

Iconic mountains draw the attention of climbers from around the world, and Denali is certainly an iconic mountain.  The highest peak in North America, Mount McKinley rises a full 18,000 feet (5500m) above the surrounding landscape.  It is truly a magnificent sight, dominating the horizon for well over a hundred miles away.

Mountain Trip is thrilled to welcome the members of our June 13, 2015 West Buttress team.  This group represents the international spirit of mountain climbing, and they have come to Alaska from four different continents!

Sangeeta Sindhi is joining us from India

Thale Letheo joins us from South Africa

Tamera Briones is from California

Jürgen Landmann joins us from Germany

The Mountain Trip guide team consists of:

Rob “Dury” Durnell from Alaska

Jeff Dobronyi, who lives in SW Colorado

We will do our best to post daily updates and the team will try to call in daily, but please understand that this is not a perfect process and there will undoubtedly be days with no updates.  We ask that you please hold on to the climbing axiom of, “No News is GOOD NEWS!”

We encourage you to post comments, but please understand tha those comments will probably not be seen by your friends or love dones until they return from their climb.  Such comments are an integral part of the experience for the climbers, and you should definitely post some.  To do so, click on the title of a given post and append your comments to that individual post.


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