June 13 Denali Team Is at Base Camp

We’ve not heard from the team in a few days, but we did get a report late yesterday that they had decided not to continue their bid for the summit.  The team had experienced a number of weather delays, but continued their push for the summit in spite of those challenges.  After arriving at High Camp a few days ago, they had planned on a summit attempt yesterday, but awoke to 30+ mph winds and blowing snow on the upper mountain.

The translation of such conditions meant that to continue upwards, they would be climbing in windchill of close to -20F, in poor visibility.  That combination made the decision relatively easy, yet not without disappointment, and the team descended 13,000 vertical feet yesterday.  They arrived at Base Camp this morning and are hopeful to fly back to Talkeetna today, having spent 21 days on the mountain.

Great job everyone.  It is a very difficult mountain to climb and Denali gave you few breaks in the weather.  You did a great job taking advantage of those small windows of good weather and made it as high as you could, with the conditions you had to deal with.


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  1. A very good effort given the weather – you gave it your best shot well done. See you in a few days Matt.
    Nev and Desley

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