June 11 Final Dispatch

To the friends and family of the June 11th Denali expedition:

I am writing our final dispatch from my home in Anchorage, Alaska. Our climbing team is off the mountain and safe. I wanted to send a big thank you to all who supported the climbers while they were away from home.

The June 11th team is happy to report a successful expedition. We had great weather and excellent route conditions. The attitude of the trip was light-hearted and fun. Our whole team has a positive attitude and contagious work ethic. I am proud of the style in which we climbed.

The team is happy to congratulate Eem on her successful summit of Denali. This was her second attempt and marks the last of the seven summits. Nice work Eem! A special thanks is owed to Hans Wonneberger for his outstanding  attitude and support role on summit day. Team work makes the dream work.

Tyler and I were lucky enough to have had dinner in Anchorage with Kwang and Eem at a Thai restaurant downtown. We were happy to see our team one last time before parting ways. Thanks again to everyone who supported the June 11th team.

Sincerely, Brian Kramp

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