June 10 Denali Team Moves To Camp 3

Lead Guide Brian Kramp called in from the broad basin camp at 14,200′ (4342m).  This camp is sometimes referred to as “14 Camp,” or Camp 3 and the locals call it Genet Basin, a reference to one of the early guides on Denali, who would camp out at this elevation for much of the season, Ray Genet.

The team packed up their camp at 11,200′ (3414m) in beautiful weather.  They ascended a moderately steep hill immediately out of camp, known as Motorcycle Hill and then climbed a series of steeper pitches collectively known as Squirrel Hill.  A long traverse saw them at the base of Windy Corner, a steep ridge of rock that drops down from high off the West Buttress.  They passed their cache site, where they previously buried supplies and made their way up into the basin to establish their Camp 3.

Tomorrow will be a pretty mellow day of dropping back downhill to retrieve their cache, so they will sleep late and have a hearty breakfast, all while enjoying the stunning views from 14 Camp.

Here’s Brian!


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