January 2020 Vinson Team – Waiting To Fly To BC

Daniel Laidig called in from the Union Glacier camp in Antarctica.  The team had hoped to fly to Base Camp today, but  high winds and poor visibility at the Branscomb Glacier did not permit them to fly.  All the climbers are seasoned veterans of previous expeditions, so they understand that waiting is part of the game. Fortunately, Union Glacier is a pretty comfortable place to spend some down time!

With 24 hours of sunlight, the window during which the planes can fly is pretty large, so as soon as conditions settle down, they’ll make the 20 minute flight to Base Camp and probably hit the glacier running.  They plan to move up glacier to their first of two camps as soon as they land on the Branscomb.  Motivation and stoke is high among this team!

Here’s Daniel:


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  1. Corbin has been going around lately to things saying “climb, climb, climb”…I think he is encouraging Uncle Daniel in his own way!

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