January 2020 Aconcagua Team – Down In Base Camp

After a long and successful summit day yesterday, the team is now down in the relatively thick air of Plaza de Mulas, situated at 14,000′ on the western side of Aconcagua.  The team did great yesterday, soldiering through a 15 hour day at high altitude.

The plan is to rest and eat today, with the key word being “rest!”  Tomorrow they will pack up their kit, load the majority of their equipment and supplies on mules and then hit the trail down the Relinchos Valley to the trailhead, showers and soft beds.

Fermin sent us some pictures from yesterday:

aconcagua summit photo

The team on the top of South America, 22,841′ above the nearby Pacific Ocean.


summit team back at high camp

The team back in High Camp after a successful summit of Aconcagua.

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