Our team is one step closer!!  Wayne, Mike, Barry, Fermin and I had our team meeting yesterday and completed our equipment checks before going our to a phenomenal restaurant called Azafrans. Interestingly, we all ordered the same surf and turf entree of filet mignon and prawns. I reckon that bodes we’ll for establishing the necessary teamwork for the adventure that is to come!

We are currently having lunch in the town if Ushpallata, renowned for being the site where the movie 7 Years in Tibet was filmed.  Tonight we’ll sleep at the ski resort of Penitentes, at about 9000′.  We’ll finish organizing our equipment for the mules to carry to our first camp on the trail tomorrow night.

More soon!

photos: welcome dinner at Azafrans in Mendoza


Famous the world over, Argentine beef lives up to it’s hype!


……and more beef! Lunch in Ushpallata.



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