January 13 Aconcagua Team Resting at Camp 1

Lead guide Fermin Avila called in the team report today. The team is taking a rest day at Camp 1, and the plan is to move to Camp 2 tomorrow. While my spanish is definitely lacking in some basic skills, from what I understand everyone is doing quite well and the team is happy to be moving up the mountain. Fermin sends out a special message to his love, Eli.

Here’s Fermin:


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  1. Elizabeth

    It is good to know that all is going well but I need Alex Hall to translate for me. All good.

  2. Nathalie

    I had to play it to some Spanish colleagues to translate it for me. 🙂 My spanish is elementary at best! (I’d be okay if I was reading it)

    I love being able to get updates like this. (sorry to Mountain Trip for all the reloads in webstats; I’m probably inflating your hit count a little!)

    Sending cheers to Kyle and the rest of the team. 🙂

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