January 13 Aconcagua Team – Johan Calls From Casa

Johan Bogren called in after a day on the trail, hiking roughly eight miles (~13 Km) up the Vacas Valley.  The team gained only about 1000′ (300m) of elevation today, but the trail required a fair bit of hiking up and down, passing broad colluvial fans that sweep out from tributary valleys feeding in from the east.

As they approached their camp for the evening, they were treated to views up the Relinchos Valley or their objective – Aconcagua.  Camp is a spot called Casa de Piedra (House of Stone), named for a hut that had been erected adjacent to a huge boulder on the east edge of the Vacas Valley.  Legends abound about the hut.  Some say it was used by herders who camped in the upper Vacas, tending sheep, while others say the hut housed the occasional smuggler, sneaking across the boarder along a route that passes to the north of Aconcagua.  Having hiked around the north side – I’ve got to say – that would have been a considerable effort!

The team is doing well, eating well and enjoying the views as they unfold.  Tomorrow will be a tough day, with over 3000′ (~300m) of elevation.  The rewards for the effort will be a tasty meal in the relative luxury of the Plaza Argentina Base Camp!

Here is Johan:

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  1. Great to hear your voice Johan! Looking forward to more updates and we hope that you are having a fantastic journey.
    Jhenny, Malin, Mikael and Patrik (E.ON)

  2. Hi dad!

    We had great weekend in copenhagen lots of swimming. We also had great food spätta. Enjoy every minute of your trip see you soon. Lots of hugs and kisses from all of us!
    Anna Viktor Adam Gustav

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