Ice Climbing Today

We’re back from a great day ice climbing on the lower icefall. It has been hot and sunny!
It has been lots of fun and a good intro to whats up higher, starting the day after
tomorrow! Later this afternoon we had a meeting with most all the expedition
leaders to discuss fixing rope on the upper mountain.  Most of the planning was
accomplished with most teams offering to help.  It is interesting the number
of smaller teams that really cannot help, yet expect everything to be in
place. A couple of our Sherpa team will be joining the rope fixing team for the
Lhotse face over the next week. Things are moving fast now, with our camp 1
and 2 in place and more loads going up tomorrow. All of us will be moving to
Camp 1 the 20th now, and plan to stay up for 5 days in Camps 1 and 2. Our
journey begins to the top of the world!

Scott Woolums reporting from
Everest Base Camp


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