May 27 Team Ready To Carry To 13,500′ Tomorrow

Brian Muller called in from 11,200′ to bring us up to speed on our May 27 West Buttress team.  They dropped back down to their cache site today, descending about 1700′ to dig up the buried supplies thy had left in a snow pit a couple days ago.  The weather has been absolutely perfect today, so they enjoyed the warmth of blue, sunny skies.

The plan is to load up their packs and carry supplies up to about 13,500′ tomorrow.  This will entail climbing up a couple of big slopes, big enough to warrant names, like Motorcycle Hill and Squirrel Hill.  They will also have to hike around a somewhat infamous feature known as Windy Corner, a steep rib of rock that drops down from high on the West Buttress and essentially funnels winds sweeping across the vast south face of the mountain.  If tomorrow is anything like today, they’ll not have to experience much wind on the corner – here’s hoping!!

Here’s Brian!

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