Denali Team Shan Moves to 14,200′

Lead Guide Brian Kramp called form the site of Team Shan’s new home for a few nights, at 14,200′ (4328 m), in the vast Genet Basin.  This basin is bordered to the west by the massive West Buttress, which carves the skyline and drops down in a series of steep ice slopes and dark rocky crags. The eastern side of the basin is delineated by the steep ice and rock of the West Rib.

Shan, Tyler and Brain are all doing great and will take a number of days at this elevation to build up their acclimatization.  They will descend a bit and pick up their cache tomorrow, and then try to carry loads of gear up the steepest part of the route, to an elevation of about 16,400′ (5000 m).

Here’s Brian!

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