Getting Close!

The team is in Base Camp now and getting ready for going up to Camp 2 on the 21st.  That would put us in line for a summit on the 25th of May.  A good time with far less crowding and from the forecasts, it looks like light winds and considerably warmer conditions. Lots of people going for the summit today. Looks like a good day but we are hearing that over 100 people are trying today, which could be a new all time record number of people in a day.  This can lead to issues, so we are all hoping things go well for all teams up high today.  Everything is ready for our go for our summit attempt.  All O2 is at the South Col now, the team is healthy and the Sherpas are ready.

Additional news from here is that Trudi has decided to head out and back home. Its been a long season mixed with accidents and risk.  This wears on all of us as the weeks go on.  We can totally respect Trudi’s decision.  She was one of our strongest members and she worked very hard to be here. But all things have to come together to climb Everest. We miss you Trudi! Enjoy the low altitude and warmth for us!

Scott reporting from Base Camp!

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