Five on the Summit Now!

We just received a call from the summit, we have 5 on top right now! 7.25am, Yahoo!

Conditions seem perfect, with very light winds and not too many other climbers. The ascent started out very windy, but conditions have improved through the night.

We have Manoj Vora, DaWang Chu Sherpa, Serki Sherpa, Pasang Gombu Sherpa and DaNoru Sherpa enjoying the view. Manoj and all the Sherpas sound good, and are reporting no problems. Interestingly, no groups are visible coming up from the North side of the mountain. All things good here at the Mountain Trip Camp after a long night following the ascent. Now comes a long descent. With an early summit, the guys can take their time descending today back to the South Col. Congratulations to all!

-Scott Woolums

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