First You Have To Reach The Glacier…

Zach Johnson just called in to report that 2/3 of our team made it to the glacier, with the remaining three climbers and Zach waiting to fly later today.  Three planed departed for the glacier and Zach’s was a bit slower than the others.  By the time they reached the Alaska Range, the clouds that had been building and slowly drifting about had closed off access into Base Camp.  they returned to Talkeetna to wait for a clearing and a second go at flying in.

This is actually fairly common when flying into this area.  Clouds billow and drift, allowing access at some times and denying it at others.  The team has plenty of time for a second flight later today and the team on the glacier will be hard at work making all the preparations necessary for a quick transition when they are all re-united.  Guides Caitlin Hague and Ben Adkinson are orchestrating the formation of the team’s Base Camp.  As this is Caitlin’s eighth time up the mountain, she’s better suited than most lead guides to take care of business.

Here’s a shot of the team as they were about to board planes for their flights.

The May 15th Team, ready to fly to the glacier

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