Final Report – The May 13th West Buttress Denali Expedition

Here is Lead Guide Jesse Wright’s final report for the May 13th Team (aka Team SA & CO):

“Our Expedition has come to an end. The whole team is back on solid ground enjoying the lower altitude where we can all get some much-needed rest and recovery time. Thank you to all of you that followed our expedition virtually and we can’t thank you enough for all the support. The team moved up the lower mountain efficiently due to the strength of the team, so a big thank you to Mohamed, Haytham, Ret, Alex and Mike for showing up strong and having a great attitude no matter the situation.

We did our best out there and were able to get the whole team above the fixed lines to an altitude of 16,200 ft, which is a new high point for the Zahid brothers on their second attempt. Mountaineering is challenging both mentally and physically but in the end the mountain has the final say on if you succeed or not. We all want the summit, that’s why we climb, but we learn so much more about ourselves from our failures than our successes. It’s a hard lesson but in the end the team became a family unit and got to enjoy each other’s company in one of the most beautiful places. Thank you again to Mohamed, Haytham, Ret, Alex as well as my guide team Dan and Chloe for the months of preparation working up to this trip as well as all the hard work on the mountain this season. It was an honor to get to climb with Mohamed, Haytham and Mike again as well as the new team members Ret and Alex. I look forward to seeing everyone here in Alaska for another Denali attempt soon.”

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