A fantastic summit day allowed seven of us to make the top at 7pm on 7/9/15. The weather was calm and the views were amazing! The following day, we packed up and headed back down to 14 Camp to some warm greetings from our other team members, who had prepared some wonderful hot food for us. We were so relieved to have safely descended the upper 6000 ft of the mountain!

That night, after some well-earned rest, we descended the lower part of the mountain all the way to base camp, where we only waited for 15 minutes before the humming of airplane engines brought huge smiles to our faces! A couple hours later we were all back in Talkeetna, sharing beers and laughs.

We all gave it our best, laughed alot, and made some great memories on this expedition. I’d like to thank the hard-working team members and our fantastic guide team for making this trip a huge success!


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