Everest Team waiting a day at S. Col

It wasn’t an easy decision, but the Mountain Trip Everest team is going to wait a day at the S. Col and shoot for a 26th summit.  It’s just a bit windy and the winds are expected to diminish after noon on the 25th and stay calm through the morning of the 26th when they hope to summit.   There is a also a bit more traffic up there for a 25th summit and they feel like tomorrow will be a quieter day with light winds and light climber traffic.   They’ve got plenty of extra Oxygen and supplies, we plan to be able to spend a day up there if necessary, so this should mean that everyone is just more rested when they go.  It’s just getting dark on the night of the  24th as I write this and teams that are going for the summit tonight will be up and firing up their stoves to have a little food and hot drink before heading up.   We wish them all the best of luck!

Ania is still planning to go for the summit of Lhotse tonight, she’ll probably leave around midnight and I’ll post reports from her climb as they come in!

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