Everest Team Moves to Camp 3

Another early morning wake up call for the Everest climbers at Camp 2 today.  They rose to clear skies and no winds as they pulled on their down suits and prepared for the next couple of days of their push to the summit.  They’ll rest for the afternoon at Camp 3 where they are starting to use Oxygen for the first time on the expedition.  The supplemental Oxygen will help the recover and get some rest this afternoon and evening.  They’ll be getting up very early again tomorrow to head up to high camp at the South Col, between the summit of Mount Everest and Lhotse.  They’ll rest a few times, but it’s really one long push to the top now, with a few pauses along the way to rest and eat.

Everest Camp 3 is really right in the middle of the Lhotse face, carved out on a few benches of ice part way up the face.  It’s a dramatic location for a camp, but the team is focusing on resting and preparing for the move to the South Col late tonight.

Here’s Jacob’s dispatch from Camp 3 this afternoon:

Hey Guys,
We are at C3 resting. To day was a beautiful day. Amazing views and not to much traffic on the Lhotse Face.
Going to wake up early and go to the South Col.
We’re all on Os .5-1 Lt a minute.
Going to look at the weather. A lot of people summited today.
There is also a few Western companies with us, Madison, AC, Mt Professionals. I know all of the guides very well so we will be talking about all things summit related.


And a great video of the team climbing the Lhotse Face!

Lhotse Face Video

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  1. Best of luck to Team Mountain Madness. Wishing you all a safe and successful summit. So incredible what you guys are doing and achieving . So proud of you Terry K . Lots of love . Jackie, Rachael , Fearghal and Lorcan xx

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