Everest Team Checks In From Base Camp

Hi!! Vanessa here with M.T. updating the blog!

Yesterday we did some light travel on the glacier and captured some pictures of the Khumbu Ice fall. After we had a relaxing evening of stories and more card games (which I won- sorry Luke!).

This morning our team started out with an amazing breakfast of eggs, pancakes and fresh fruit. After breakfast we saw the trekking team off as they head back, leaving the expedition team (Bill, Vanessa and Greg) to rest and enjoy another beautiful day in Base Camp. We were fortunate to have some visitors from our trek in come visit.

All the meals have been delicious as always and now we are settling in for the night with some popcorn and a movie. Tomorrow our plan is to gear up with crampons, harness and ice axe to practice on the glacier. We’ve been so appreciative of all your support and love you all!

Talk to you soon.

MT Team at Everest base camp

khumbu icefall everest

Everest trek

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  1. Sounds like you are all having a wonderful time soaking in the experience! Sending good vibes from back home ❤️

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