Everest Team – Back in Kathmandu

Yahoo! We flew out from Lukla in a chartered helicopter to fly us to Kathmandu. There had been days of delays and cancelled flights when we arrived in Lukla and so for not many extra flights have been arranged to get the back-log of people out of town.  We didn’t see any quick options, so we jumped on a helicopter and off we went to Kathmandu!

Tim and Joerg, with Scott in the background, about to head out of Lukla!

It’s been a great day spent catching up with everyone here in town, sorting out our schedules and really enjoying the Yak and Yeti Hotel. We’ve enjoyed carousing with lots of friends, celebrating and indulging in piles of good food before we are all off in different directions. Joerg has left for Switxerland already.  Albert, Ania, Jacob, Tim and I are still here for another day. It is just perfect weather in Kathmandu now, with a few sprinkles in the evening to keep the dust down.

Flying into Kathmandu

Flying into Kathmandu

I hope everyone back home has enjoyed the blog this year. Following this report I will post a video from the summit!

-Scott Woolums reporting from Kathmandu, Nepal!

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