Everest Team at Base Waiting out the Typhoon

Another day of waiting for better weather here in Base Camp. Nice.morning, although starting to cloud up this afternoon with higher winds in Base Camp. Theres a Typhoon that is supposed to start arriving this afternoon and tonight on the horizon. This system is supposed to bring a lot of moisture to Everest over the next few days. Some forecasts are calling for over 2 ft of snow in the next 24-36 hours.
We are looking for a later window to let some traffic get up and down and see what effects the Typhoon has for now. Our forecast is showing a few possible summit days towards the end of the season on the 26th.
All of our climbers are healthy and recovered from the last trip up high. Now we need safe conditions to push up for the summit. We have been covid testing and are requiring a team wide test before anyone goes high on the 19th. This includes all Sherpa climbers as well.
Tomorrow we are planning a fun day testing everyones Oxygen systems, masks, regulators and all. A very important part of any Everest expedition.
Wish us luck during this crazy 2021 Everest season. Between covid and now the weather its been nonstop surprises.

Scott Woolums
Solar powered basecamp Slingfin Dome

Thanks Slingfin! This is our solar powered basecamp home

Everest Basecamp 2021

Sun on Everest from basecamp

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  1. All the best our prayers are with you for good weather, good health and safety! We wish the whole team everything of the best.
    Daniel we are looking out for you, you are one amazing person so glad we met back in 2017 at Aconcagua.

    South Africa

  2. Best wishes to the whole team. I’m following your progress with great interest and look forward to you summiting safely. XX

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