Everest Team – Continued Acclimatization at Base Camp

May 3, 2021:
The team is relaxing and enjoying a few days of down time at Everest Base Camp between rotations on the route. We enjoyed smoked chicken pizza last night with fresh apple pie.Today for lunch our chef Serki rolled up some amazing sushi–we are definitely spoiled here!
We all went for a hike up towards Pumori this morning, with perfect weather, good views of Everest and our base camp from above. It’s always good to get out for an easy hike, especially when surrounded by such spectacular scenery.
We have been keeping a close eye on the weather and starting to make a plan for going back to Camp 2. There are three days of unstable weather heading our way, starting tomorrow. Trying to pick the best day for the team to go up first to Camp 1, then a few more nights at Camp 2. We are aiming to get everyone up on the Lhotse Face to Camp 3 on this next rotation. This afternoon it has been a mix of snow showers and sunshine.
– Scott Woolums, Mountain Trip Everest Base Camp Manager
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  1. Hi Fischer! We are following your team’s progress here at IRIS Mitigation in Golden!! We are cheering you guys on every step of this fantastic journey!! All the best and we will send more e-mails over time. Blair and Cathy

  2. So proud of everyone working hard to get to the goal! Sounds like the Chef is a great asset to the team! Sterkte Elsie, ons weet jy kan! Vasbyt!

  3. Wonderful to follow all your progress folks, we’re walking every footstep with you – willing you on from Dublin, Ireland. Best wishes to you all, and regards to Diarmuid! Barry and all the team at Number16.

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