Back in Basecamp

April 25, 2011 6:00 pm
Back in Base Camp

Hi Everyone.
I’m gonna keep this one short for now as we just arrived back in BC today after our first rotation up the mountain. We spent 2 nights at Camp I and 3 nights at Camp II and I’m happy to report that aside from a few coughs, everyone is doing really well. Neal and I skied a few runs as well above Camp II, below the Lhotse Face, as well as between Camps I and II. So we are psyched to have made a few turns and worked on our acclimatization along the way. More pictures from the last 5 days will be posted this week as we have 5 days rest now in Base Camp.

Here are a few quick, selected shots:

Mountain Trip owner/ guide Bill Allen works across the “super-ladder”, the longest one on the route. Incredibly, a small dog walked across this thing yesterday and walked all the way up to the base of the Lhotse face.

While in Camp II we had a few inches of snow. Here is the tent Neal and I are sharing at II, with part of Nuptse in the distance.

The Mountain Trip crew in Camp II- getting ready for a walk/ ski up to the base of the Lhotse Face.

The team takes a rest below the Lhotse face. The Summit of Lhotse is over 5000′ above us, and Camp III is halfway up this face on the right in the ice seracs. We will make our way to Camp III for a quick visit next week on our second rotation. Neal and I had a fun ski down from this point back to Camp II.

We left Camp II at 6:00 am this morning headed for BC. Neal and I skied to Camp I, met the rest of the team, and we all descended the Khumbu icefall together in two hours. This shot frames Pumori in the background. The icefall is in the best condition it has been in for years, which makes traveling through it fast and less stress full.

OK, that’s it for now from Everest Base Camp. Time to rest up, eat, and take a well deserved shower.

Thanks for reading.
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