Everest Climbers Enjoying Base Camp and Preparing for Round 2!

Everest View from Pumori

Back down at the relatively comfortable altitude of 17,000 ft our Everest climbers are enjoying the comforts of Base Camp living, and resting up and recovering for the second acclimatization round in the next few days.   They had a great first round up to Camp 2 where they spent several nights at over 21,000 ft allowing their bodies to slowly acclimatize.    The highlights of the days are short hikes up to 18,500 ft on the flanks of Pumori, the peak towering over base camp to the West, and a great place to get views of Everest and the Khumbu Icefall.

Everest View from Pumori

Looking towards Everest from Pumori


And of course, eating great food is a favorite past time and keeps the morale high around camp.  One of our favorite lunches is Sushi!  Our head chef, Serki Sherpa, prepares amazing meals and never fails to impress.

Sushi for lunch at Everest Base Camp

Chris Jentz excited about Sushi for lunch at Everest Base Camp


The team is going to be watching the weather forecasts and getting ready for their next foray to the upper mountain in the next few days.

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  1. Looking good, Chris. Glad to see that you’re keeping up your appetite (not that there was really much doubt). Looking forward to seeing you and the team on top of the mountain.

  2. Thank you for the pictures and information. Everyone looks happy, especially
    Chris looking at that sushi! Bon appetite! Really nice pictures, too. Tell Chris
    his mom sends her love. And hello to everyone there, we are all really really
    pulling for everyone on this team and the brave and hardworking Sherpas, and
    thanks to Mountain Trip for being so willing to relay this data to us. I, personally,
    would be lost without you. Sandy, Chris’ mom

  3. By the looks of those meals, why would anyone want to leave base camp?
    Why eat sushi?
    Because it was there! 🙂

    Stay healthy and good luck on your summit attempt.

  4. Hi Terry,
    Following your progress, having had chats with Jackie!
    The best of luck to you and the group.

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