Everest Base Camp Trek 2022 – Meet the Team!

Our Everest Base Camp trekking team is in Nepal and beginning their nearly three-week journey into the Himalaya. They’ll be trekking up through the Khumbu Valley towards Everest Base Camp, where they’ll spend a couple nights amidst the climbers headed for the summit. After a long flight from the states, the team spent a day in Kathmandu to recover and explore the city before starting up into the mountains. Kathmandu is a bustling city with a long history, interesting temples, and a vibrant mix of religions and cultures where you can easily spend several days exploring. Our focus is on the trek, so the team flew from Kathmandu up to the village of Lukla in the foothills of the Himalaya. Due to the weather and challenges of the standard “fixed wing” flights into Lukla, our team chose to go by helicopter, under the clouds and right into the Lukla airport.


Our team is led by one of our veteran Everest climbing guides, Ngatemba Sherpa, and Mountain Trip guide David Nesis, with trekkers John and Ann Marie Ruddy. Here’s David checking in from the trek!


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