Everest and Lhotse Team at Camp 3

The team just called in from Camp 3 and said they are enjoying a beautiful evening up at Camp 3, part way up the Lhotse Face at over 7000 meters.  The weather is great, light winds, but holding steady and a really solid forecast for the next several days.   Everyone is feeling good and did really well getting up to this camp today in just over 4 hours.   They put on the Oxygen when they got there, and are resting with a low flow of Oxygen this afternoon.  They’ll sleep with Oxygen on tonight, and get up early tomorrow to head on up to the S. Col.

Lhotse:  Ania and Tarke Sherpa will split off from the group part way up towards the S. Col tomorrow and head up to Lhotse Camp 4.  She’s doing great and excited to get up there!

Conditions are looking good for everyone, and there are just a few other teams now shooting for this summit window, so they won’t have a lot of other climber traffic on their summit go.

We’ll be wishing them the best of luck in this final push!

Bill Allen/Mountain Trip

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